Did you know 62% of no-shows occur simply because your client forgot? We get it. People are busy. Combat forgetfulness with an appointment reminder strategy that works. We have 5 easy ways for you to improve your legal client appointment reminders.

  1. Don’t rely on email. Send text reminders.

    Text reminders have an average 53.5% higher response rate than voice calls. Why? It’s easy to respond when you are at work or on the go. The average U.S. adult checks their phone 52 times a day. Take advantage of that screen time with timely reminder messages.

    If you’re worried that a text message may be intrusive, don’t be. Your peers in the legal industry are already sending SMS reminder messages to their clients and seeing a response rate of almost 30%. (As opposed to voice calls, which have a response rate of just over 20%)

  2. Send your reminders at the right time of day.Chart showing the best time of day to send an sms reminder text, voice reminder or email reminder with the expected confirmation rate

    Though we highly recommend incorporating text reminders into your strategy, many of our clients choose to also use email or voice messages to provide additional details (i.e. court dates and instructions, documentation to complete and return, etc). To get the best result, use best practices to send client reminders at the most effective time of day. For instance, SMS test reminders sent at 6 p.m. have a 41.4% higher response rate than SMS reminders sent at noon. The chart below shows response rate by time of day for SMS, email and voice calls.
    Line graph showing confirmation rates for sms reminders versus email reminders

  3. Include the correct information.

    Are you struggling with what to include in a client text reminder? Remember: this isn’t anemail so only include what is necessary. You can always schedule an automated email that includes more detail if necessary. Always include the date, time and timezone of the appointment. Majority of the time, reminder messages should include the name of your business, the appointment type or service to be conducted, confirmation and/or reschedule instructions and the location/address of the appointment.Chart showing the information and details to include in client appointment reminders

  4. Send more than one reminder.

    One reminder isn’t enough. You need to send 3 client appointment reminders: an initial booking confirmation, a reminder a day before and a reminder 1-2 hours before. Feel free to mix the mode of communication to match the information included, but make sure at least one of (preferably 2) are SMS messages.

  5. Keep it short.

    More is not always better when it comes to client communication. Make sure your reminders aren’t too long. The best length for a text message is between 140-175 characters. For a voicemail, keep it under 30 seconds. And for an email, between 50-125 words will get you the highest response rates.

The ideal text reminder is between 140-175 characters


Make sure your legal clients show up on time and prepared for their appointment by following these simple best practices. For more tips, tricks and legal industry benchmarks, download The Complete Guide to Appointment Reminders.

Download the Complete Guide to Appointment Reminders